Click HERE for a short video of the wheat grown by AEDGETA


AEDGETA has 15 acres of farmland in the West Valley at 83rd Ave North of Northern Ave.  Depending on the growing season the club members spend time plowing, planting, harvesting and maintaining this property.  Some crops grown are alfalfa, wheat, sweet corn, popcorn, Indian corn, and barley.  Some crops are harvested and sold, bales and corn utilized at the shows, and corn is available for any club member to harvest and use as they wish.  This gives the members the opportunity to utilize the equipment that they have lovingly restored in the manner in which it was intended as well as pass along farming knowledge to younger generations. 

The slideshow shows some of the workday activities that members have participated in during the last few years.  

Dates posted are field work days, all members are welcome to join in the fun.

Contact Chad Lawson for more specific information and dates 480-732-7875