Case Steam Traction Engine Restoration Project

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Hello and welcome to our website.

We are pleased to announce that the Arizona Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association has moved the 1915 Case 65HP Steam Traction Engine to one of our members homes to look over and form a game plan on getting the old girl back in working order.

As you might imagine at 100 years old she has some issues. Our goal is to get the Case Steam Traction Engine back in safe operating condition.

Our 1st step was to perform ultra sound testing to see what the thickness of the boiler walls were, this was disappointing as we found the overall thickness was less than that what was needed for safe operation. Bottom line is we need a heart transplant, a new Boiler will need to be constructed.  We found an issue with on of the drive pinions and have a local company lined up to help with the gears. We have looked into new Boiler construction and have found a company in New Ulm Minnesota that can do the work for us. There are good qualified Boiler companies here in the Phoenix area but they are not comfortable with the other components, the brackets, mounting of the drive, the cylinder and the other components that make up the traction engine. As we move forward with the repairs we will try to keep updates posted as we move forward.

Thanks for following along.

Update: April 27th, 2016- The Case Steam Traction Engine has made its way to New Ulm, MN for boiler replacement.  It will be back in Arizona again spring 2017.